Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Ugly Shoes

I have new shoes.
My husband bought them for me.
He is a man of a practical nature, and so, these shoes aren't really my type of shoe. They're no ballet flat that's for sure.
Even when I mentioned, that no I don't think I need these shoes, he insisted, and bought these shoes for me anyway. That was a first in all the time that I've known him.
Perhaps, I'm worried that if I wear such a shoe, even if it's only while wading in rockpools, or climbing over rocks, or up mountains (yeah right), that I might just become too relaxed a Pilbara type girl. A purchaser of this shoe, wrote a review on the shops website. A 5 star shoe apparently. Great for wearing" all the time" in warm weather, and in the cooler months you can wear them with socks. The all rounder type shoe.
You  know the shoe.

Here they are. I was "allowed" to choose the colour.
They are surprisingly, the most comfortable pair of shoes that I have ever worn. By far. They fit like a glove. No breaking in required. And they don't look quite as bad as I imagined that they might.
I could almost be tempted to wear these on a daily basis, sans socks.
I am a convert. Watch out rocky outcrops and sharp slippery terrain.


  1. Hey Carla,

    They look like my keens - awesome shoes for sailing... Not sure about "every day shoes" though!



    1. They are keens Mark. Very comfortable shoes, but they don't suit much in my wardrobe!
      Thanks for being the first person to officially comment on my blog page too!

  2. Oh go on, live on the edge. I dare you to wear them with socks!!

    1. See how I feel about it in the colder weather anon.
      You just never know!!

    2. haha, just what i was about to dare!

  3. Hahaha I had the same dilemna with the same shoe! They are worn out now from me wearing them everywhere & as I slipped them on to dash out I would think "these do not go with what I am wearing at all" but man, they made moving around enjoyable!


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