Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Big Boys and Their Toys

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you would know that since we've been living here, that we try to get outdoors as much as we can, to enjoy and appreciate all the beauty that is our Pilbara surroundings. And my husband bought himself a new toy, the bumpy car so that it was possible for us to venture out of town on the red dirt roads around us.

Before we moved to these parts, let me tell you, that in no way was I an outdoorsy, camping, 4WD kind of girl. And I'm still not. But I do try to make an effort. And at least look like I'm enjoying myself while paddling in red water, sweating up a storm, swatting too many flies away from my face, and getting red dirt between my toes, and who knows where else.

But then sometimes, it's just all too much. Too friggin' hot. Way too many flies hanging around. The water is as warm as a bath to swim in. The red sand is so hot it almost burns your feet. And your drink turns warm almost as soon as you've grasped it in your hand.

There was absolutely nothing refreshing about today's drive down the river. Zero. Zip. The girls and I asked to go to the town pool for a swim (the blue rock pool as called by my daughter). But my husband suggested we go here. Really not the same kind of thing. Not a cool, clear, blue water pool in sight.

The worst possible day for a drive in the bumpy car. A hot 42 degrees, and in the middle of the day too. But he just had to take the bumpy car out and explore a little. Maybe I could attribute that to his morning spent sitting on the couch watching cricket. Either way, the photo above clearly sums up what the three of us girls all thought about that. Get us into a cool pool or some air conditioned comfort now. Please. 

Which he did, straight after this photo. Well, that is after taking 15 minutes to fold down the canopy and then eventually having to remove the nuisance rod that wouldn't collapse down. Finally giving up, and jamming it into the car, with a third of the pole hanging out of the window so that we could leave already.

Boys and their toys!


  1. Ha! I've learnt that there is also a random 'my way ' Pigheadedness with some? All? males too. Frustrating and amusing. A love / hate trait. I'd say your guy owes you a nice cocktail and a bath with candles and a nice desert or something refreshing!

    1. I find it both amusing and frustrating. He honestly thought it was a "good" idea!!!


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