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Monday, 10 February 2014

Make Your Own : Spreadable Butter

Sounds tricky doesn't it. But it's really not at all.

Ever taken a glance, at the ingredients list on a tub of margarine, or spreadable butter from your local supermarket. Surprising isn't it? It's not just butter in there is it? More than likely, you'll find some kind of vegetable or canola oil (not good for you), a whole bunch of numbers that you know nothing about, maybe some colourings, and a little bit of preservatives to go with it all if you're lucky enough.

Seems ridiculous doesn't it. When all you really want, is just some butter on your toast that won't make a whole in it when you spread it on. And one without all the junk.

If this is important to you { as things like these are slowly becoming in our household }, then you have two options. You can buy the more expensive Lurpak spreadable butter. Or you can make your own. And making your own is easy peasey, and cheaper.

So what do you need:
250gram of soft organic butter (just leave it out the night before)
1/4 cup of filtered water
1/4 cup of oil { I used grapeseed oil }

If you have a thermomix, place ingredients into the bowl and blend on speed 5 for 30-40 seconds. Stopping to scrape the sides down mid way through. Place in a container and keep in the fridge.

You could also use a conventional blender. Just avoid really high speeds so the butter doesn't splatter all over the bowl/jug.

And now the question of which oil you "should" use. Ideally olive oil, but it does of course have quite a strong flavour, so you need to make sure you use a very light flavoured oil. You could also use flax seed oil. Sunflower, canola oils are big no no's for your health, so try and avoid using these if you can. Grapeseed oil, well it depends on which book or report you read. Some will place grape seed oil in the big no no column alongside sunflower and canola oils. Others consider it to be an oil very beneficial to your health.

In all that confusion, I went with grapeseed oil. And the taste was delicious. No oily taste at all. Just soft spreadable butter. Next time I'll attempt it with a very light olive oil.

Better for your health over margarine. Without all the crap. And so easy to make.

Have you ever made your own butter before?
Love your thermomix for making random stuff like this?
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