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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Trip To The Beach { Opthalmia Dam }

Well this is obviously no Whitsunday Island. No white sand. No clear blue waters.

Just red dirt. 45 degree temperatures and a whole lot of water after all the rain we've had recently. To locals here, this is our beach. 

Let's just say, even with the hot temperatures, that I wasn't keen to pull out the bikinis, sunbake and go for a swim. In anyway. But it was a refreshing paddle, wet your toes, nonetheless. 

And the girls loved it. Which really is all it's about anyway.

Before moving here, you would have never seen me in such a place. Let alone catch me dipping my toes into water quite so dirty looking (let me just say it's not actually dirty, it's just stained red). Funny what 7 months of living in the Pilbara can find you doing. And being totally comfortable with!

A box of tissues and endless fun.

Toby, overseeing our drive home.

Happy summer beach days x
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